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>I have 31 years of overall programming experience including 23 years of Internet/Web development.

  • Programming languages/Frameworks: PHP, JavaScript, Laravel
  • CMS: WordPress, Drupal
  • Solid knowledge of database design and development with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • I have successful experience being Technical Lead, Team Lead, and Project Manager in an international software company
  • I am experienced in working remotely within international teams (USA, Europe, Asia)

Years in Web Development





System Analyst

Analyzing need and requiremetns, creating specifications.

Database Design & Development

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB

Web Development

PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, Wordpress, Drupal

Amazon Web Services

EC2, S3, SES, SNS, CloudFront, Route 53, Connect


Google API, Payment Systems, Zoho, AWS

System Administration

Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, apache, nginx, php, mysql

Terms, Conditions & Prices

  1. You contact me (see below) and describe your project, needs and requirements
  2. I create a specification, you approve it
  3. I create a project plan and give a price estimation
  4. If we agree on terms and price I start working on a project
  5. Notice, depending on specific project/client/other conditions I may ask for an advance
  6. When project is done it is delivered by electronic means (uploading to a hosting, file sharing service or sending by email)
  7. Hourly rate is 15-25 USD (1150-1900 RUB) depending on project complexity and technologies used. Actual hourly rate will be negotiated for specific project.
  8. All change requests will require additional payment

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